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FxNet overview

FXnet is an international Forex broker registered in Limassol, Cyprus. It was founded in November 2020. For the several years of its activity the company has extended its influence on the European market. Moreover, recently (in 2020) it has entered the CIS market and according to the feedbacks has found “its own customer”. The popularity of FXnet broker is conditioned upon two factors: working under European licenses and meeting the requirements of the modern trader. We are talking about super quick order execution and modern technologies introduction.


According to the market feedbacks about any Forex broker traders care deeply about the questions of security. Without being an exception to the rule, FXnet has certain advantages as it is regulated by CySEC, the Cyprus Securities and Stock Exchange Committee. It should be mentioned that CySEC controls a severe conformity of the activity of all the financial organizations to the European legislation as well as requires their participation in MiFID and ICF, the investors’ compensation funds.

Besides, while extending its influence in European countries FXnet Forex broker obtained the licenses issued by the following regulators: FSA (Great Britain), BaFin (Germany), ACP (France), CNMV (Spain), Finanstilsynet (Norway), and AFM (Netherlands). It should also be underlined that each regulator requires the segregation of customers’ funds that is why traders can be sure that their funds are allocated on separate secured accounts and are not mixed with the FXnet’s own assets.


Despite the short period of its activity FXnet Forex broker has already managed to receive two prestigious awards which potential customers should be aware of. The first one, the Best Newcomer Broker, was given to FXnet in 2020. The second one, the Most Trusted Broker, was obtained by the company in 2020. These awards confirm the intention of FXnet management to create stable and reliable company for the long-term and successful activity.

Trading conditions

FXnet offers to use MT4 popular terminal that provides traders with traditional variations for standard PC, Android based mobile devices and iOS based iPhone and iPad. Moreover, it offers MAM (Multi Account Management) for the licensed stock managers and MT4 Multiterminal which allows maintaining several accounts from one trading platform.

Among the available trading instruments there are nine basic and more than twenty secondary currency pairs, eight international indexes and twelve raw commodities. The trading activity is conducted according to STP (NDD) scheme; time of order execution is 5 mc for ordinary server and 2 mc for VPS. High-quality fulfillment and trading model excluding any conflicts of interest between the broker and its customer are the factors that make FXnet an excellent broker which can carry out different trading strategies from scalping and news trading to hedging.

Trading accounts

Apart from traditional demo account FXnet offers three more accounts: Standard, VIP and Platinum. Each trading account can use the leverage up to 1:500. The type of order execution all the accounts apply is Market Execution. The major difference between the accounts lies in the spread size. Spread for the Standard account makes up 2.3 points and more, for the VIP account – from 1.9 points. Platinum accounts can work without any spread or the spread can be zero for the popular currency pairs. However, owners of platinum accounts pay additional fee of 12 USD per one trading lot.

You should choose your trading account taking into consideration your trading sum. So, you need 50 USD to open the Standard account, 2000 USD – to open the VIP account and 5000 USD – to open the Platinum one. Moreover, FXnet allows Muslims opening Islamic accounts after they confirm their Islamic confession by loading scanned birth or residence certificate to the official website of the broker. As it was mentioned above, FXnet offers MAM and corporate trading accounts for legal persons.

The FXnet customers can use a free virtual private server (Great Britain). However in order to access it the trader should deposit the amount of not less than 2000 USD or their equivalent in any other acceptable currency such as Euro, Great Britain Pound or Yen. It is the condition that allows the client using VPS directly connected to CFxNet. This guarantees the quickest execution of the trading orders. According to the customers’ positive feedbacks it is very useful while applying scalping or news trading when a split second influences the final profit.

Technical analysis

Technical Analysis Section helps improve the trading results. Here the experts publish daily short and burning reviews that help follow the current trends. Customers’ feedbacks confirm that thanks to the activity of the FXnet experts the traders can increase the efficiency of their activity.


Education Section on the FXnet official website is likely to be designed for introducing the web resource itself. Among the useful information here you can find a glossary of the terms the trader can face while working on Forex, online currency quotes and an economic calendar for the broker’s clients not to miss any important event.

Finmax FX — обзор форекс брокера, свежая и правдивая информация.

GOLD Scalper PRO is fully automated trading system. It is designed by FXautomater team. This EA is developed to trade only on GOLD(XAUSUSD) pair. This is a rare expert advisor which you would use on GOLD metal. FXautomater team has exprience in developing other forex robots for GOLD trading.

Omega Trend EA

    28 October 2020

Smart Scalper PRO

    24 October 2020

Grid Master Pro

    14 October 2020

BF Scalper PRO

    13 October 2020

Other News

Bollinger Band

Bollinger Band is developed by John Bollinger. You can find all the details in his book «Bollinger on Bollinger Bands«. The technique which is used is based on 3 curves open-high-low-close(OHLC) bar charts.

Forex Robot Review — GOLD Scalper PRO

In this article, we are going to review GOLD Scalper PRO. This is an expert advisor which is fully automated and it is developed to trade only on GOLD/XAUUSD metal. So, you cannot use it on currency pairs. Its strategy is for gold trading only. The EA is developed by FXautomater team. They are a team of professionals who are specialized of developing automated expert advisors and indicators.

Forex Robots — Expert Advisors — Black Friday Promotion 2020

Black Friday 2020 is coming. This time of the year is really full of big discounts. It is good ideat to be ready and do not miss black friday offers for forex tools — forex robots and vps.

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Forex Robot Review — BF Scalper PRO

BF Scalper PRO is an expert advisor which is fully automated. It supports multiple currency pairs — GBPUSD, EURUSD, EURCHF, EURAUD, EURCAD, GBPCAD, USDCAD, USDCHF and USDJPY.

Forex Robot Review — Forex Diamond EA

Forex Diamond EA is an expert advisor developed by FXautomater. This company is owner of multiple successful EAs. You can check them in our website — WallStreet 2.0 Evolution, WallStreet ASIA, WallStreet Recovery Pro, WallStreet GOLD Trader, Volatility Factor 2.0 Pro, Forex Trend Detector, Forex GOLD Investor, Forex COMBO System and so on. All these forex robots have unique trading algorithm. In this article, I will review Forex Diamond EA and hope it will answer your questions.

Finmax FX — обзор форекс брокера, свежая и правдивая информация.

The ProntoEdit HEX Format.
This discussion is only completely valid for IR transmissions using Pulse Width Modulation. Keep in mind that the sole purpose of the HEX data is to represent a series of ON and OFF times for the IR emitter, and when the IR emitter appear to be solidly ON its is rapidly flashing.

The ProntoEdit HEX format uses a pair of numbers to represent an on/off sequence. We will call this a «Burst Pair» (thanks to AHP). The first digit represents an ON time and the second an Off time.

The question is how much time? What the burst pair really contains is the number of cycles of the carrier for which to turn the light on and off. The carrier frequency therefor acts as the clock (not totally true, but good enough for this discussion). To illustrate the point, let us assume a carrier frequency of 40 kilohertz (that is 40,000 cycles per second). This is a very common IR carrier frequency. One cycle of that carrier takes 1/40000 units of time or 25 microseconds. A «burst pair» of 48,24 would turn the IR emitter on for 48*25 Microseconds, and off for 24*25 microseconds. A «burst Pair» of 24,24 would turn the IR emitter on for 24*25 Microseconds, and off for 24*25 microseconds. Because we are using binary numbers we only have two digits to represent (0,1) as opposed to decimal where we would need 10 unique burst pair patterns to represent the 10 decimal digits. We could for example decide the encoding of a «1» will be represented by having the On period twice as long as the Off period, and a «0» by having them equal. We might choose 48,24 for the «1» and 24,24 for the «0». In fact this is what Sony has done in its IR remotes. [Note: If you work through the numbers you will find that Sony IR signaling uses a sequence of 1200 microseconds of light followed by 600 microseconds of no light to represent a «1»; and a sequence of 600 microseconds of light followed by 600 microseconds of no light to represent a «0»]. In general all IR equipment is forgiving and operates with in a timing tolerance of +/- 10%.

A full IR key code as encoded in the ProntoEdit Hex display contains three discrete parts.

Our opinion No
License CySec, Bafin, FSA
Trading software FxNet MetaTrader 4, FxNet SimpleTrader
Trading conditions
Preamble Burst Pair Sequence 1 Burst Pair Sequence 2

Either one of the burst pair sequences is optional so we will actually have three different patterns of IR encoding.

Burst Pair Sequence 1
Burst Pair Sequence 1
Burst Pair Sequence 2
Burst Pair Sequence 2

The preamble does not contain Burst Pairs but rather four (4) hexadecimal (HEX, base 16) numbers, each of which has a precise meaning. I will only discuss them in the context of Learned IR codes. Each Hex number consists of 4 digits.

    The first number is always a zero (0000) it indicates that the IR pattern is raw data, which means it was learned.

The second number is the frequency of the IR carrier in terms of the Pronto internal clock. The following formula where N represents the decimal value of this hex number will give you the frequency of the carrier in Kilohertz: Frequency = 1000000/(N * .241246)

A Sony remote will usually have a value for N of 103 (this shows as 67 Hex). Doing the arithmetic we have Freq=1000000/(103*. 241246)= 40,244 or approximately 40,000 cycles per second (well within a tolerance of 40,000 +/- 10%)

The third number is the number of Burst Pairs in Burst Pair Sequence #1. Each Burst pair consists of two 4 digit Hex numbers representing the On and Off time of that burst (single binary Bit).

  • The fourth number is the number of Burst Pairs in Burst Pair Sequence #2.

  • Burst Pair Sequence #1 starts at word 5 if it is present and is immediately followed by the digits of Burst Pair Sequence #2 if it is present (word 4>0000). If Sequence #1 is missing (word 3=0000), then Burst Sequence Number 2 starts at word 5.

    A Burst Pair Sequence usually looks as follows:

    Lead in Burst Pair Data Burst Pairs Lead Out Burst Pair

    The Lead In Burst pair can be thought of as the hello or wake up burst. It tells the receiver to start listening (or rather looking) very closely as what is coming. It is usually of different timing duration than the Burst Pairs in the data part. Technically it is also used to set the receivers AGC level, a factor related to how much the receiver will amplify the IR light it sees.

    The Lead Out burst pair marks the end of the message and usually has a long OFF time period to guarantee that two IR messages can’t be sent too close together. It may actually be incorporated as part of the last data bit if the ON period is what carries the information (that is, the off time is constant in the data portion and the On time varies between two values). Once again, Sony does exactly that.

    Remember all data in the IR Hex display is in Hex and to properly interpret these values you must convert them to decimal. Two values should be considered equal if they are within about 10% of each other. They don’t have to be exactly the same.

    [Digression to convert a 4 digit Hex «WXYZ» number to decimal, the following formula will work W*4096+X*256+Y*16+Z. W,X,Y,Z represent HEX digits in the range 0-15 where a=10, b=11,c=12,d=13,e=14,f=15. A hex value of 0067 is therefor 16*6+7=103)].

    If you understand all of what has been discussed so far you have based the basics of Binary Signaling 101. Go take a breather.

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