Обновленный интерфейс Binomo. Оцените обновление

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Winter may be almost over in the Kingdom, but there is still time for one last seasonal miracle. Head out to an Event Notice Board on February 20 and don’t miss out on the chance to get the new Winter Penguin companion!

Event Period

FROM the scheduled maintenance on February 20, 2020
the scheduled maintenance on March 13, 2020

Who Can Participate

— Characters of all levels

How to Participate

STEP 1. Visit your nearest Event Notice Board every day during the event period to receive one Last Winter Gift and Last Winter Buff set. The Last Winter Gift can be received once per team every two hours (up to 3 times every day) and contains the following items:

[EDIT]Enchant Scroll (14 Days) x2
Icicle (14 Days) x2
Winter Key x2

Last Winter Buff effects: +30% EXP gains for 2 hours

STEP 2. Find a Bonfire to melt your Icicles and receive random prizes each time. Every Icicle you use near a Bonfire can turn into one of the following items:

Keista HP Potion Lv3
Looting Chance Potion
Lv3 Condensed Stamina Pill
Keitrys Protective Potion
Keitrys Recovery Potion
Keitrys Elemental Enhance Potion
Keitrys Bravery Potion
Golden Anvil (14 Days)

STEP 3. Once you collect 10 Winter Keys, bring them to the Vault near the Event Notice Board in the city of Klaipeda. Open the Vault and receive the new Winter Penguin companion !

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STEP 4. If you already have the Winter Penguin companion, go back to the Vault every day for even more prizes! Every Winter Key you use to open the Vault wins you one of the following random items:

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Soul Crystal
Warp Scroll (14 Days)
EXP Tome (14 Days)


— Winter Keys and the Vault NPC will be automatically deleted after the event period.
— Winter Keys can be transferred via Team Storage, but they cannot be traded.
— Timed items cannot be traded or transferred via Team Storage, so make sure to receive them with the correct character.
— The Last Winter buff is character-based (it does not apply to your entire team). The buff does not stack with itself and it cannot be received while it is already active.

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New server will be open and team names will be reset

Обновленный интерфейс Binomo. Оцените обновление

Der Verein zur Abschaffung der Tierversuche wurde 1979 in Zürich unter dem Namen CIVIS-Schweiz vom Schweizer Rennfahrer, Bestseller-Autor, Medizinhistoriker und wissenschaftlichen Tierversuchsgegner Hans Ruesch gegründet. (Das Kürzel CIVIS wurde von Ruesch geprägt und bedeutet Centro Informazioni Vivisezionistiche Internazionali Scientifiche – siehe die CIVIS-Grundsatzerklärung.) 1996 wurden das Präsidium und die Geschäftsführung des Vereins vom Mediziner, Biologen und ehemaligen Tierexperimentator Dr. Christopher F. Anderegg übernommen.

Der Verein strebt die Abschaffung sämtlicher Tierversuche aus medizinischen und wissenschaftlichen Gründen an und lehnt sowohl das Prinzip der «3R» (Refine, Reduce, Replace) als auch die Entwicklung gleichwertiger «Alternativmethoden» wie tierische Zellkulturen ab, die für den Menschen genauso irreführend und unzuverlässig sind wie die Tierversuche, die sie ersetzen sollen, und die zu einer Wiederholung und Verewigung von Tierversuchen führen.

Der Verein fordert die Anwendung sicherer, aussagekräftiger, auf den Menschen bezogener Forschungsmethoden wie Biochips, Mikrodosierung, Computermodelle, klinische Untersuchungen an Patienten, epidemiologische Studien an Bevölkerungsgruppen, Biopsie- und Autopsie-Untersuchungen, und Experimente mit menschlichen Zell-, Gewebe- und Organkulturen.

Durch die Veröffentlichung von Inseraten in der Tagespresse und die Verteilung von Streuprospekten in Briefkästen klärt der Verein die Bevölkerung über die Misserfolge, die Gefahren und die Nutzlosigkeit von Tierversuchen auf. Diese Kampagnen sind dringend notwendig, denn immer wieder erscheinen Berichte in den Medien, die Tierversuche als eine nützliche und unerlässliche Forschungsmethode darstellen.

The Renovation Update

Our next Closers update introduces numerous improvements to all aspects of the game, including (but not limited to) leveling curve tweaks designed to get you to max level faster, changes to achievement and crafting, shorter load times, and more. We’re planning to enter maintenance to deploy the update Monday, May 7, at 10 p.m. PDT.


Housing Multi Play.

Invite your friends and crew members to visit your room!

Dimensional Gel Conversion.

Dimensional Gel Season 1 begins with this update! For each Dimensional Washing Machine you purchase from Bitna, you’ll receive one Dimensional Gel. Each season offers different rare items to craft with this Gel. In the first season, you can craft a new Amethyst Icon costume pieces plus Dark Command Accessories!

Skill Balancing and Improvements

Skill balance for PVP and PVE has been adjusted across all characters. Additionally, functionality and usability of many skills has been improved. We’re looking forward to hearing feedback on your favorite characters once the update is live!


Welcome (Back), Closers!

When we return from the Renovation Update maintenance, our Welcome Back event begins to celebrate new and returning Closers with free stuff! We’ll also be running a crafting event, so be sure to log in every day.

May Attendance Event.

We also have a special schedule of daily rewards for logging in! You can track your progress and see what’s coming in our all new in-game event calendar.


Yarg! There Be Pirate Costumes.

You can now get Pirate costumes in Bitna’s Washing Machine shop! When you have the full set equipped, you’ll unlock a unique emote.

Right after maintenance, you can purchase 5 Washing Machines for 500 EMP per day per account in the EMP Shop! To increase the speed of collecting the set for your favorite character, you’ll only get costume pieces for your current character in this EMP shop pack. Plus, certain low grade items that are sometimes found in Bitna’s Washing Machines will either be removed or reduced in frequency in this 5-pack.

New Tina Costumes.

Tina has a bunch of new costume sets available with this update! She gets all three variants of the Caregiver costume, a Xiao NPC costume, and Domestic costume pieces from Washing Machines.

Tina’s Domestic costumes are back in Bitna’s shop, in all four colors. Collect every piece of a 3-Star set and unlock a special emote!

Enhancement Adapter Washing Machine.

Following the next update, the Adapter Washing Machine will be integrated into costume Washing Machines. If you want to get the Enhancement Adapter Washing Machine specifically, grab it now!

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